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Bateman Water Heating Engineering Employment Openings

We are in need of people who enjoy: Problem solving, Determining systems issues, Learning about commercial hot water recirculation systems and fixing them the proper way. WE PROVIDE FULL BENEFITS: Medical, Dental, Retirement, Bonuses, Profit Sharing, Full-time with Over-time and Double-time Income, Tools and Service Vehicle Provided, along with paid Holidays and Vacations.

Send you resume to:

1. Apprentice Opening: Position to become a Commercial Hot Water Equipment Specialist $15 - $20 an hour ($31,200 - $42,200 a year)

2. Journeyman Opening: Commercial Hot Water Equipment Specialist $22 - $38 an hour ($57,400 - $72,318 per year)

3. Estimator Opening: Retrofit Replacements, Repair and Service Proposals Preparation and Writing $62,000 - $82,000 a year)

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