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Is your hot water equipment doing its best?
Who keeps a watch on the operation that may affect your liability and expenses?
Are you informed about utility rebates and how they may help our environment?

Operating Cost Reduction & Retainment

Energy Controllers and Control Component Upgrades and Calibration Equipment

This area is often overlooked when it comes to the function of Central Hot Water. Just because your system is operating and keeps providing you with hot water does not mean that it is doing so in the safest and most efficient way. You could reduce your energy bills, and help conserve water by taking action and having your equipment evaluated by our specialist.

Cost Reduction & Retainment

Multifamily Building Central Hot Water Retrofits & Upgrades

Doing our part in reducing CO2 emissions 

When you replace your conventional central hot water equipment with a new energy-efficient hot water system your building will cost less to operate. Retrofitting your building's hot water equipment will also command higher rents and resale value, along with greater asset value. Energy efficient buildings attract and retain quality owners and tenants because they help reduce cost in energy use.  This helps lessen the effects of climate change.      

Rebates Experts

Utility Incentives & Rebates Experts 

Save energy and receive incentives from SoCalGas®
Central Water Heater Multifamily Building Solutions Program (CWHMBS)

This incentive program is designed to help multifamily properties save energy and money with their central hot water system.  Administered by SoCalGas, this program offers property owners with comprehensive engineering and incentives for upgrading recirculating central water heater systems in their multifamily buildings.

Our concierge service approach provides a single point of contact for multifamily property owners throughout the duration of the project, ensuring a smooth transition from project concept to completion.


  • Buildings with 100-units or more will receive $225 dollars per unit capped at 50% of the total project cost


  • Buildings with 99-units or less will receive $150 dollars per unit capped at 40% of the total project cost


  • Post 12-months of energy savings you will receive a 2nd incentive payment of $1 dollar per them saved


  • Some buildings may be eligible for a Gas Company 5-year 0% interest-free On-Bill-Financing program for you’re out of pocket cost.

Lower your Energy Costs & Help Our Environment

Set Up A Consultation

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