No hot water? Central hot water boilers and water heaters provide hot water 24/7 and are mechanical pieces of equipment. That's why it is important to perform regular inspections and maintenance.

Here at Bateman Water Heating Engineering everything is important. We have been committed to keeping you in hot water, the best way possible, since 1969 - it’s our specialty!

Regular Inspections

Your building's boiler and water heater provides hot water 365-days a year and are electro-mechanical pieces of equipment.  And now with more advanced technology in low NOx and high efficiency combustion, it’s more important than ever to perform regular inspections and maintenance.  Regular maintenance is vital when it comes to maintaining proper and efficient operation.  At Bateman Water Heating Engineering, our technicians perform the most detailed and thorough maintenance service in our industry.

Each inspection performed is unique to your specific equipment and your hot water needs because central hot water systems are never alike. This allows us to find most issues before they become failures. By maintaining your central hot water equipment, we’ll help keep your building's clients and tenants having hot water when they need it.

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Maintenance Program

Our maintenance program allows your building's hot water equipment to run as efficiently as possible year round. If during an inspection we find something that needs immediate attention, we will contact you and take care of the problem on the spot in an efficient and professional manner. Not only do our maintenance customers receive a discount on most parts, they also receive a discounted labor rate on all emergencies and service calls 7 days a week.

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