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Is Your Central Hot Water Cheating You?

For quite some time, central hot water systems for apartment and condominium buildings were limited to conventional commercial 100-gallon hot water heaters and boilers.

Although effective, this type of equipment can take up a significant amount of energy, become very cumbersome and wasteful with repair cost and energy over time.

Most importantly, these traditional systems can be extremely inefficient in regards to hot water delivery and energy consumption which also affects our environment in a negative way.

This regularly leads to complaints from tenants about the hot water and higher than necessary utility bills — both of which tend to worsen slowly as the central hot water equipment ages.

But even new systems can be lacking if not installed or commissioned properly. Now, new ways of supplying hot water and water-heating systems for multifamily buildings have emerged and are more prevalent with Bateman Water Heating Engineering’s retrofit work.

This multifamily central hot water system is technology is integrated into high-efficiency condensing hot water equipment. Bateman utilizes today's versatile condensing hot water equipment with the concept that simple is better.

Bateman's unique design aims to save space, minimize weight, and cut energy use in order to reduce utility bills while continuously providing in hot water supply to residents without over designed and complicated systems. Combined with rebates you now have a cost effective choice.

What is the Central Water Heater Multi-Family Building Solutions Program? CWHMBS

The CWHMBS program is designed to help multifamily facilities save energy and money. Administered by SoCalGas, this program offers property owners with comprehensive engineering and incentives for upgrading central water heater systems in their multifamily units.

Plus, our Concierge service approach provides a single point of contact for multifamily owners throughout the duration of the project, ensuring a smooth transition from project concept to completion. This is a pilot program that could be limited if participation numbers are not met this year, 2018. So it’s best to take advantage of it now.

INCENTIVES- Upon Finished Installation

Tier 1: Buildings with 99-units or fewer

$150 per unit- Capped at 40% of the total project cost

Tier 2: Buildings with 100-units or greater

$225 per unit- • Capped at 50% of the total project cost

Post Energy Savings Incentive

$1.00 per therm saved through the 12-months following completion of installation


• Circulating demand pump controller

• Central water heater modulating temperature controller (one per circulating loop)

• Higher efficiency central domestic storage water heater, boiler or tankless water heater

• Installation of low flow shower heads (shower heads are supplied and installed for free)

• Hot water usage metering and monitoring service agreement

Continue reading to learn more about the condensing water heater and why Bateman's design is quickly becoming the premier choice for central hot water systems for multifamily building owners and condominiums.

Benefits of Multifamily Condensing Boilers

High-efficiency condensing boilers offer a vast range of high-performance water-heating and heating benefits for today's multifamily property. Some of the most common benefits are listed below.

Lower Utility Bills and Improved Efficiency

In comparison to conventional hot-water boilers and heaters, today's condensing equipment is significantly more energy efficient. For instance, condensing boilers can have a thermal efficiency rating of up to 96% while traditional hot-water boilers average around 80%. That means for every $1 spent only $0.80 cents goes into heating the water; $0.96 cents with condensing.

What Is Condensing Hot Water Equipment?

The condensing equipment achieves high efficiency through the capture of latent heat from the exhaust gases. The heater then uses this heat to effectively preheat incoming water. This exceptionally efficient transfer process results in very little wasted heat expelled through the venting system.

As a result, the temperature of the exhaust gas falls below the dew point, which causes water vapor in the exhaust to condense into a liquid. Condensing boilers can usually achieve an annual fuel-utilization efficiency (AFUE) of 97% or higher and are natural gas fired. Because of the size and lightweight nature of some types condensing heaters, they're able to be hung onto walls, opening up floor space.

Saving Space & Weight

With condensing heaters that are wall hung, you can free up valuable floor space or make re-roofing projects more cost effective. Also, some condensing units are traditionally much smaller and lighter than conventional equipment. So relocating your hot water equipment becomes more feasible.

Longer Equipment Life

Some high-efficiency condensing boilers feature down-fired ceramic burners, which work to ensure any exhaust condensation is quickly captured and diverted to a drain.

In more traditional units with the bottom-up burner configuration, any exhaust condensation can navigate back into the unit to damage the heat exchanger or drop on the burner system. Condensing boiler and water heater systems can be easier to service and maintain, which can further lengthen the life of the unit extending your savings.

Contact Bateman Water Heating Engineering, Inc. of Los Angeles for Central Hot Water Systems for Multifamily Buildings

1 - 323 - 254 - 4303

If you're looking for the best central hot water system for your multifamily building (apartment or condominium), the experts at Bateman Water Heating can help. We are the authorized manufacturer's representative for the leading hot water equipment manufacturers and specializing in commercial central hot water equipment for over 48-years.

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